Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness has scientific support as a means to reduce stress, improve attention, boost the immune system, reduce emotional reactive and promotes a presence in the here and now that is often lost in today’s fast paced society. This introductory session will briefly review the meaning and benefits of mindfulness practices, and then present an experiential introduction to breathing meditation practice. Participants will learn how to integrate a simple, but effective, mindfulness practice into one’s everyday life.

60 minutes $160

Releasing Stress Session

Mindfully assess your current life stressors, and explore techniques and strategies to assist you in reducing the burden that stress can create. Mindfulness, movement, breath awareness, nutrition and the most current philosophies on managing stress may be utilized.

60 minutes – $160

Meditation Session

This consultation will teach you basic meditative principles including posture, breathing and the mental focus needed to create a daily practice to relax your mind and body.

Shared or Individual 60 minutes – $160

Transition and Transformation Session

Inner discovery begins when we recognize that everything changes. Learning to stay in the present moment can be challenging. This practice will teach you the skills to move through change efficiently and with a sense of balance.

Shared or individual 90/120 minutes – $245/$335

Guided Breathing Meditation for the Busy Professional Session

Take a break from busy lives, hectic schedules and never-ending demands.

This 30 minute breathing meditation will evoke your natural relaxation response, bringing mind and body into balance. While inhabiting this state, blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension and hormone levels begin to regulate, your mind is less cluttered and you obtain clarity. When returning to work, you will be more focused, productive and efficient.

30 minutes $85

The Art of Breathing Session

Learn how the breath affects our health and well being. Journey through a breathing exercise that invigorates the liver, spleen, pancreas and abdominal muscles with oxygen, simulating a sense of well-being and peace. Release negativity and stress and add to mental clarity as you unwind and relax.

60 minutes – $160

A block of four of any 60 minute mindfulness sessions.

Mindfulness practice is a skill gained over time. With a purchase of a block of four sessions you will go further into this amazing practice and save money at the same time- a win win!

4 60 minute sessions – $430