Personal Trainer
Nicholas MartinPersonal Trainer
Nicholas Martin is a certified personal trainer who has been involved with health and fitness since the age of 7. Under his fathers tutelage Nicholas began training for sports by doing body weight conditioning. This regiment also included sprinting and running hills at Resivoir park in Lewiston too get him ready for the upcoming football season. After playing college football Nicholas’s passion for fitness began to grow as he took kickboxing lessons under USA junior boxing coach Ray Casale for 10 years. While training with coach Casale, Nick started working at Golds gym and was conducting personnel assessments and developed customized training curriculum and regimens. While overseeing and administrating both corporate and private clientele training programs, Nicholas was also responsible for the safety of clientele while teaching exercise techniques and body mechanics. Nick holds many personal training certifications and is always on the forefront of exercise trends and new techniques. Nick believes in continuing education in an ever evolving and changing industry. The classes he teaches include joint mobility, kettlebell training,boxing and abdominal work. Nicks workouts are going to be safe, fun and effective. He prides himself on a healthy lifestyle which includes good eating habits, breathing and meditation. Nicholas Martin lives in Buffalo, New York with his girlfriend of ten years and his two sons Nicholas and Vincent.