Jessica NyropNutritionist
Jessica Nyrop earned her bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and master’s degree in Nutrition from the University at Buffalo, SUNY in 2006. She earned her doctorate in Chiropractic from D’Youville College, where she specialized in the treatment and rehabilitation of spine and overuse injuries. Since 2005, Jessica Nyrop has been teaching as an adjunct for the Nutrition Department and instructs wellness and physical activity classes for the Athletic Department at the University. Research interests include the use and effects of the glycemic index and functional foods on health, weight control, inflammatory conditions, and endurance sports. In practice, Jessica views nutrition as key component to recovery from injury; “If the body is a puzzle and the body is missing one or more pieces, the puzzle cannot be completed. If one or more nutrients are low or missing from diet, the body’s functions and ability to heal will be compromised.” The Western diet is heavily comprised of processed and packaged foods; processed and packaged foods are limited in nutrients. Leaning to incorporate functional foods, balance of food groups, and altering behavior associated with food consumption can lead optimal nutrition, decrease healing time and enhance overall health. Jessica has also been an avid runner since 2001. After the completion of several marathons, her passion for running continued and cultivated her appreciation for cycling and triathlons. As an athlete with a passion for nutrition and health, she understands the need, want and motivation to “feel better” after an injury and the impact proper nutrition has on training and athletic performance.