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Bob PomerhnPersonal Trainer
Bob has been involved in competitive sports most of his life most notably football, basketball, and baseball.  When Bob turned 40 he decided to take on a new challenge/ sport, competitive running. His clients range from athletes, athletes in “hiding”, to those looking to get into better shape, special needs, and first time gym “goers”. After a 20 month hiatus from competitive running (due to injury), 2015 had proven to be a year to return back to the roads.  Bob has been very blessed in his life to never really suffer any injuries.  So, the 20 months off for rehabilitation were some of the hardest in his life. With help from running partners and other trainers, he rehabbed.  By June of 2015 he was working out kinks in the kinetic chain to make modest gains in the 5k circuit, and on Sunday (October 11, 2015) he was fortunate enough to be awarded the Big 5 Race Series DIVISION winner at the Glen Park Tavern.  Best Foot Forward enthusiasts, Kelly Swanson and Sabina Ramsey, as well as his wife Alana and then almost 3 month old son Cooper were there to celebrate that moment.  Master Runners (anyone 40 yrs of age or older) face a unique set of circumstances in their running experience. While individual goals still fuel competitive fire, the Masters Category places a premium on the pure sense of competition, which means to seek together. Bob's personal philosphy is this, there are no boundaries in life, there is nothing you can’t overcome with time, patience, a strong will/desire and the love of the challenge. Always strive to be the best “you” His Top 3 Unwritten “Laws”:
  1. Listen to your body! (If you push through the struggles the end result will be a positive one)
  2. Consistent training/practice will always out last overnight success
  3. Recovery time, especially from key workouts tends to increase as we age