About Us

OWM Spa - Our Mission

Nurturing. Restorative. Unforgettable.

From Dr Leonard Kaplan and Beth Kaplan:

OWM Spa Down Town was created by my wife and I with a mission of providing the highest quality natural beauty solutions for the face and body. The medical spa philosophy is aligned with the rest of the wellness center and that is to create a customized  treatment plan that will create long lasting results. Every aesthetic plan can be paired with a comprehensive wellness plan that provides total anti-aging solution that is more then just skin deep.

At OWM Spa Downtown we focus on natural skin and body rejuvenation with most advanced modalities and treatments and highest quality skin products. We create a personalized, holistic experience combining aesthetic services with mindfulness, yoga, fitness and nutritional counseling, paired with the highest level of personalized service and attention.

Our one-of-a-kind setting provides a perfect opportunity to meditate on your intentions and discover balance in your life. Explore these services and treatments, and keep in mind, that our staff can help customize your spa experience to best achieve your goals.